The Story of The Authentic Happiness Project

The story starts in 2013 with a question from Clara N.: where can I find one source of evidence-based research and simple, ads-free guidance to lead a better life?


The Authentic Happiness Project was first published as a global platform dedicated to collecting evidence-based research, providing quality educational content and analyzing new survey data in and around the subject of personal well-being.

  • All resources are free, no string attached, no registration required.
  • It includes a questionnaire to self-evaluate your well-being score, with instant feedback and other statistical reports to benchmark your response against 10,000+ other respondents globally.
360Living Website.jpg

In 2018, The Authentic Happiness project team partnered with to publish some of its finding in a guide titled "360 Living"

360 Living embarks you on a journey of reflection, learning, and planning your best life:

"I've just finished reading 360 Living and although I'm not usually a reader of so called self help books, this practical and insightful book is hopefully destined to be a great hit with many people because it’s really fantastic." Mike Cahn

"Fantastic!! This book has changed my outlook completely. Through it I realized that work was exhausting all of my energy because I wasn't doing anything that I enjoyed anymore."

"I absolutely loved this book. I rarely pick up books like this but it came recommended through a friend and I found it to be an addictive and satisfying read."L. D. Smith

360 Living guide


That's it! More to come...


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