How physically active are you?

From over 10,000 world-wide respondents to the Happiness Score, the majority reported that they walk more than 5,000 steps every day. This is good.

Conversely, 18% of men and 20% of women reported walking less than 2,000 daily steps.

The amount of daily steps is a way to express a person's daily physical activity as a number, and is closely linked to a person's total energy expenditure. As such, it has a strong impact our weights or Body Mass Index as well as our ability to fall asleep.

Respondents with high levels of physical activity also reported 7% lower stress levels and 16% lower likelihood of being overweight: check for additional studies.


Bottom-line: it is all about balancing our lives. And many studies have demonstrated that regular exercise is associated with improved mental well-being and a lower incidence of depression.
Take a moment and define that source of inspiration and energy for your own journey of better living. Go to under toolkit for a free assessment. 
The next step is in your hands.

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