Looking to improve your well-being? Start on a solid foundation...

When it comes to building a balanced, authentically happy life, a solid foundation can be our best friend. Sure, we can go about randomly implementing tips and strategies that we hear about online, from friends, etc. But is this approach really efficient?

We think you know the answer.

Trying to build happiness without a solid foundation is like trying to put together a puzzle with all the pieces upside down.
Sure, you could put it together if you spent enough time. Who are we to judge -- maybe you just like a challenge? Like...a nearly impossible challenge.
But if you're actually interested in making progress, why not just flip the pieces over first? You know, get a better picture of how they fit together.
Likewise, when your approach to happiness is based on random tidbits thrown at us in daily life, you might make a few centimeters of progress, but it's unlikely to lead to significant change. Especially when we're so bombarded with messages from every direction. It's difficult to know who to trust, and even once we have figured out who to trust, it can be difficult to actually find the time and motivation to put the pieces into place
What will help you make significant progress, though, is to take the time to understand all the particularities of your own life, and how they contribute to your happiness. By assessing our happiness in various areas of life, we get a clear picture of what needs to change. Even if you don't know how to change those things, that first step of evaluation is an incredibly valuable launchpad for remarkable change.
That's why we created a tool for assessment with the Authentic Happiness Survey, and it's also why we expanded that free survey and guidance even further in 360 Living. These two tools give people questions to start that important process of self-reflection. From there, you'll receive guidance to start improving the areas of life which most need it.
It's like knocking over that first little domino in a long line. Each little step you take gives you a bit of momentum to keep tackling more and more positive change in your life.

If you'd started in the middle, with a big domino, you might find it difficult or impossible to actually knock the first one over.

So when it comes to finding authentic happiness, the small and simple step of evaluation is so powerful: it creates a sense of accomplishment from very early on. By the time you've take the survey, you know already that you're doing something good for yourself (and for others around you, because we each touch many other lives just by taking care of our own happiness). That feeling of accomplishment and momentum helps to drive you toward more and more progress.
So we hope you'll go ahead and take those early steps. If you're short on time, take 10 minutes (20, if you're really thorough) to fill out the Authentic Happiness Survey, and afterward you'll receive customized email reports to help you start taking action for happier, healthier living. If you want to dive deeper into that process of evaluation and strategy-building, we invite you to check out 360 Living. This full-length book will prompt you to think critically about every area of your life, and start exploring why and how to improve each of them.

At the end of the day, your happiness is in your own hands.

The structure is all here to start building something great, today. Go put it to use and seize the day!


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