Where do we start making change? One week at a time.

A few years back, my co-founder and I started noticing  lots of people feeling unsatisfied. The problem: we don't know where to start making change.

We realized he could help solve this problem with data. To get people started on the right track, all it would take is a simple tool for assessment and action.
And so the Authentic Happiness Survey was born. The survey recommends a custom set of resources based on each participant's answers -- books, online assessments, and more.

Determined to inspire and empower even more people, in 2017 it was time to level up: sharing the findings as a full-length guide.

Years later, thousands of people had taken the survey and many had shared stories of how it helped them changed their lives. It was time to share the groundbreaking findings and recommend even more valuable resources.
That's when we partnered with Jacquelyn.

Jacquelyn was on her own journey of finding true happiness at the time, and this book was a way to put that experience to use and help others and to be part of something meaningful.

Jacquelyn travelling in Switzerland
Co-founding and co-writing 360 Living was more than "work." 360 Living is a project of passion for better living, and more importantly, it's something that we believe can truly make a positive impact for individuals like you, and for the world.

That's why we keep showing up in your inbox. We want you to TAKE THIS LITTLE LEAP TODAY for the better, because little leaps can make enormous impact.

Here's the thing..
We can only provide the tools. YOU are the carpenter of your own life. We hope you'll pick up those tools and put them to use, because you are capable of creating wonderful things with them.
Once again, here's the link to the sneak peek so you can do just that.
P.S. ready to take the leap toward better living right now? Get the full guide here!

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