Are you "flowing" through the day?

How well you concentrate on your work or your studies, is a strong predictor of success.

A 2015 survey from found that 50.2% of respondents have difficulty concentrating on their tasks: too many distractions, a disturbing environment, it interrupts "flow".

But what is actually "flow"?
Check the studies from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: He revealed in his book that people find genuine satisfaction during a state of consciousness called Flow.

Now look at the graph below. Those of us that report experiencing "flow" on a regular basis also report higher score in:
  • Optimizing their productivity
  • Enjoying their passions
  • Helping other people
 It does not necessarily mean that flow will directly result in all of this. But rather, it shows all some of us are able to structure their weekly calendar and environment to become more productive.

What about you?
 How busy are your workdays ? Did you identify your stressors and distractions that break your own 'flow'? How would you reshape your weekly agenda to re-balance your life.

If you like to get additional insights, free templates and tools to help you defined your structured approach to a balanced life, check the 360 Living Guide. The next step is in your hands.

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