Tired, feeling trapped, missing a sense of meaning vacation. So what?

Are you feeling trapped in a "rat race"? Chronically stressed? Physically run-down? Missing a sense of meaning? YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE!!!

The 360 Living guide just released new data from the Authentic-Happiness.com survey

The media and politicians do not talk much about it, but the overall picture of our society is quite disconcerting for the majority of us:
  • Our stress levels peak between ages 21 and 50, reaching an average of XX during the best years of our lives. Exactly during the critical time of our lives when we should spend more time with our children.
  • The amount of unused vacation continues to raise, 77% of all Americans recognized that they do not take all their paid vacation days (CNN Money May 2017).
  • Outside of work, real social interactions plummet down after we leave school or college.

This is the bad news. The good news is that we hold the keys to change our personal stories.

Yes, it will always be tougher for somebody who is a single parent responsible for three children and with a low income. No doubt about this. Still, there are questions we all should ask ourselves. And addressing them will pave our own way to a better, balanced life:
  • What are our barrier to a good life?
  •  What is the most logical, systemic approach to evaluating our current life?
  • How can we rate the various areas of our life? (like an aerial life assessment)?
  • As we start to nail down the specific areas that push our life out of balance, how do we find the real root-causes? What are the most common patterns?
  • How do we kick off a new momentum and maintain with new weekly habits?
If you can get all that done, that’s it, you will have defined your personal roadmap to a better life. You will have created your own “weekly navigator” to guide you, one week at a time, towards a good life.

If you like to get additional insights, free templates and tools to help you defined your structured approach to a good life, check the 360 Living Guide on Amazon. The next step is in your hands.

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