AH@Work: 3 key trends that are reshaping our life

The world of corporate Learning & Development is looking for a new answer: see the first blog of our mini-series AH@Work “Time to rethink Corporate Learning”. New innovative approaches to learning are shattering the traditional instructor and online learning model: ADDIE and curriculum-based LMS Solutions need modernizing.
What are the triggers for change in the 21st century? Let’s look at those and how these new trends are transforming our life:
Key trend #1: big data and IT processing power are reshaping industries: e-retail is taking over from traditional brick-and-mortar models, best examples are amazon, ebay or Infinity Augmented Reality solutions. Access to knowledge and information challenges the traditional newspaper and publishing industries, introducing new media and social collaboration such as Google news, Google search, Wikipedia, youtube,... Finance & Insurance also leverages IT to develop more complex modelling algorithm and execute their strategy in millisecond stock trading. Find out more about Big Data drives significant productivity gains across multiple industries in a study conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and McKinsey Global Institute (picture below).
Key Trend #2: Technology is also modifying our daily behaviors and expectations. According to a report from Mary Meeker, Scott Devitt and Liang Wu from Morgan Stanley (Apr. 12, 2010, “Internet Trends: Report”), we spend an average of 220 minutes per month on Social Computing platforms versus 120 minutes reading email. The same report estimated a growth of 500% in mobile-internet users versus only 70% for desktop internet users over the same period.
Key Trend #3: new portable technologies also sets an expectations of immediacy, agility and convenience: we want stores to be open 24x7 (they are, online) and we want to be able anything: a car (e.g. carvana com), sign up for a house mortgage, watch a movie, or even pay for a speeding ticket, ...
In summary, big data & technology are reshaping our life by turning data into knowledge, information, intelligence and ultimately new transformative solutions. Still, learning remain “the people”: what is meaningful to us, how we enjoy our daily life, specially when we spend time doing what we are passionate about, the pillars of our Authentic Happiness platform.
Our blog next week will explore a simple but powerful framework to structure the transformation of “brute-force” learning into data-driven, integrated, agile solutions focused on generating immediate results for the Employees and the Enterprise. What's the end goal? To generate sustainable Authentic Happiness at work...

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