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Miniseries Blog 3The world of corporate Learning is looking for a new answer: new innovative approaches to learning are shattering the traditional instructor and online learning approach, challenging the inability of the current models to produce measurable outcome (more in our first blog AH@Work from May 8, 2014).
What has changed in the 21st century? Big data & technology are reshaping our life by turning Data into knowledge, information, intelligence and ultimately new transformative solutions (our second AH@Work blog from May 12, 2014).
Still, in the end, learning remain “the people”: what is meaningful for us, how we enjoy our daily life and spend time doing what we are passionate about, key dimensions of our Authentic Happiness. Authentic-Happiness.com has opened up a free survey and collected over 1,300 responses from internet users around the world. In the following are 2 interesting insights from this survey:
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  • 40% rate their job as meaningful. Sounds like a good score ? Maybe, sort of but let’s look at the 60% who believe that their job could be more meaningful, or not at all. How truly motivated and engaged are they when performing their daily jobs?

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  • Only 27% believe that they spend enough time rate doing what they are passionate about. What if we could ignite some new passions and reconnect those with our daily work? What if learning and leadership was so engaging that employees would become over time true passionate experts in their field of work:

This sounds like Utopia Inc. ! Maybe, but there is no doubt that getting closer to this goal would result in significant performance gains. Isn’t this the ultimate goal of the learning department???
In our next blog, we will introduce the AD3 Model, a simple but powerful framework to structure the transformation of “brute-force” learning into data-driven, integrated, agile solutions focused on generating immediate results for the Employees and the Enterprise. One step at the time, we will walk through this framework in order to come some steps closer to our vision: high performing employees who love what they do and generate outstanding business results.

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