AH@Work: Time to Rethink Corporate Learning

The business equation is straightforward: employee productivity drives value and competitiveness in a global economy. Therefore, the simple question to corporate learning and development departments is: how do we maximize employees productivity?
The 20th century’s response to this challenge has been to “industrialize brute force learning”:
  • One core curriculum is defined for a specific job function;
  • A Learning Management System (LMS) is implemented to assign this curriculum to individual employee;
  • It takes one year to develop and multiple years to deploy this curriculum to all target employees.
This sounds like a good plan, except that the business expectations to measurably increase productivity were largely not met:
  • According to recent studies from trainingindustry com, skillsoft, 24 /7 learning and Knowledge- Advisors, approximately 45% to 55% of all learning content delivered is found to be scrap learning;
  • 46 % of corporate organizations are frustrated with their learning management system value for money (Studies from Brandon-Hall) and 30%of those plans to replace their LMS;
  • At the same time, employees memorized less and less information, from 75% in 1996 to 10% in 2006;
  • Lastly, learning impact measurement remains the number one challenge, mentioned 37% of the time ahead if any other other training challenges, according to a study from Bersin & Associates.
In summary, many studies conducted over the last 10 years clearly describe a high level of frustration with finding the right content and tools. Fortunately, data and processing power technology are changing the game in the 21st century, we will look at key trends and how they are impacting our daily life in our next blog, stay tuned.
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