Happiness fact 60: thank you grandpa and grandma!!!

A survey conducted by Oxford University and the Institute of Education in London found that children are generally happier if grandparents are involved in their upbringing.

The research was based on the results of questionnaires with 1,596 children between the ages of 11 and 16 from across England and Wales. Researchers also conducted in-depth interviews with 40 of the children from a range of backgrounds. According to the Oxford study, relationships that adolescents have with their grandparents show that grandparents who are involved in the daily lives of their grandchildren can contribute to the children's well-being.

"We were surprised by the huge amount of informal caring that the grandparents were doing and how in some cases they were filling the parenting gap for hard-working parents," Buchanan said in a statement provided by Oxford.

Most adolescents really welcomed this relationship. What was especially interesting was the links we found between 'involved grandparents' and adolescent well-being.  Closeness was not enough: Only grandparents who got stuck in and did things with their grandchildren had this positive impact on their grandchildren.

Source: Study: Grandparents Make Grandchildren Happier New research shows children are better off if grandparents are involved in upbringing by Rich Thomaselli

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