Tuning our brain to Authentic Happiness

authentic-happiness.com has been conducted a survey of our satisfaction level since the beginning of the year. The outcome from 3 questions is particularly interesting:

  • About half of the respondents (48%) do NOT have a clear life vision;
  • 60% find that their work is NOT very meaningful;
  • Only 27% believe that they spend enough time doing what they are passionate about.
What is that telling us? How do we tune up our brain in our daily life to generate more meaning and more passion?
  1. There is a time when our brain needs to relax. This happens when we exercise, sleep, meditate or simply enjoy moments of happiness with our family and friends (The first pillar of Authentic-Happiness LIVE and the fourth pillar EXPLORE)
  2. There is a time where we need to be intensely focused on what we are doing: this is when we reach a state of “Flow” (See corresponding learning module in authentic-happiness.com). Our sense of time and environment disappears, our brain is completely focused on the task at hand. This moments of “Flow” typically result in a very productive outcome and sense of self-contentment. (The third pillar of Authentic-Happiness CREATE)
  3. There is a time to sit back and reflect: mine is at 7 a.m. everyday in my office: in the quietness of the morning, I pull all my tasks and projects together, check my progress and clarify priorities, starting with the most urgent and most meaningful. (The fifth pillar of Authentic-Happiness LEAD)
  4. And then, there is the rest of the time. Passively awake, with the auto-pilot mode switched on, our brain is essentially unplugged. Our pre-conditioned reflex are controlled by the sensory–motor cortex  in our brain: we do not have to think. Driving to and from work, watching TV, reading emails not addressed to us, sitting in endless meeting without an active role.
Nice categories but where do I start? Get a nice book and  quality pen, open your agenda with a typical week in from of you: how do you reduce activities in the fourth category (4. Unplugged) and replace it with:
1. Being physically active and enjoying quality time with our family and friends
2. Undisturbed time slots to reach a state of Flow

3. Daily habits to think, reflect and lead your life towards more Authentic Happiness.

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