Happiness is ...

WHEN YOU ARE AWARE of your good and bad habits, and when you make progress in streamline your weekly agenda to maximize what you enjoy doing (check out your Happiness Score on www.authentic-happiness.com)
WHEN YOU KNOW your strengths, home them, apply them to realize something great and memorable
WHEN YOU FIGURE OUT out how to ignite a true passion inside yourself and massively invest your time to reach a state of flow
WHEN YOU EXPERIENCE positive emotions, have fun with friends and family, enjoy simple things like a good movie at home, a colorful sun rise at 7:00am in the morning, ...
WHEN YOU PRACTICE gratitude, or when somebody gives you a true and honest “thank you” for the help you gave them a long time ago and which made a difference in their life!
Please reply to this post band let us know what are your moments of happiness?

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