5 Pillars of Happiness

Go online and check for personal development methods, read books and magazines about happiness or positive psychology, get in tune with the flavor of the months, happiness secrets and concepts all revolved around five core concepts:
  1. LIVE: Stay fit & healthy
  2. ENJOY: Experience positive emotions
  3. CREATE: Develop your talents & expertise
  4. EXPLORE: Go social & discover the world
  5. SHAPE YOUR LIFE: Shape a passionate & meaningful life
These five pillars form provides a common framework for the natural development of the overall vision, planning and tracking of our activities to shape a more meaningful life and maximize happiness throughout our entire days, weeks, months and years.
This framework has been designed to comply with the following design principles:
  • The 100% rule: this means that 100% of the activities, tools and methods to achieve the goal of living a meaningful life are covered in one of the five pillars.
  •  Mutually exclusive elements: in addition to the 100% rule, it is important that there is no overlap in scope definition between the different pillars. The goal there is to remove any ambiguity which could result in duplicated activities or misunderstanding.
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